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Timeless Records was founded in 1975 and is specialised in a wide spectrum of jazz styles. Its roots can be traced back to the idea of the booking agent, Wim Wigt, who wanted to, and succeeded in, bringing American jazz to Europe. Later, jazz musicians from all over the world became an important addition to the Timeless Catalogue.

The first record, Eastern Rebellion by Cedar Walton (along with George Coleman, Sam Jones, and Billy Higgins), was just the beginning of this excellent collection. To date, the catalogue consists of more than 700 titles, divided into three main categories. Timeless Records continues to grow, not only re-producing historical jazz but also producing the newer contributions to the jazz music genre.

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  1. Ferdinand Povel & Pete Christlieb: Live at the Amsterdam Bimhuis Ferdinand Povel
    Ferdinand Povel & Pete Christlieb: Live at the Amsterdam Bimhuis (August 05, 2011)
  2. Sunday Sketches Diana Perez
    Sunday Sketches (May 24, 2006)
  3. Girl-Talking! Deborah J. Carter
    Girl-Talking! (May 14, 2004)
  4. 'Round Moonlight Deborah J. Carter
    'Round Moonlight (December 08, 2003)
  5. Darker Than Blue Fay Victor
    Darker Than Blue (March 01, 2002)
  6. [no cover] Archie Shepp
    "Something To Live For" (February 01, 1999)
  7. [no cover] Pucho And His Latin Soul Brothers
    Mucho Pucho (January 01, 1999)
  8. [no cover] Fay Victor
    In My Own Room (January 01, 1999)

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