DeGier Guitars & Basses - Schiedam Netherlands

Adm. Lucashof 15
Schiedam, Z-HOLLAND 3112 XK
ph. +31104263065


DeGier Guitars & Basses - Schiedam Netherlands

Back in 1995 Sander de Gier started working as an apprentice with Dutch luthier Robberts. There he developed his skills in building and repairing guitars. A year later he started his own company. The first years he focussed on repairs and custom orders for guitars and basses. This was a great period to study all the different aspects of different guitars, how to build them, how to repair them. How come the way they play and sound the way they sound. Those years form the background from where Sander launched his first own designs.

Like with other brands these designs are continually being worked at, perfected...
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